Year 5

Who We Are

The Year 5 team: Mrs D Walton, Mrs R Philpott, Miss Dyson, Miss Bham and Miss Grant.

Parent Information

Our half termly information sheets give parents a guide as to what we are working on each half term.  This will enable you to help at home by discussing the different topics with your child or perhaps extending their learning by incorporating a particular subject into your families weekend activities.

Long Term Planning

What We've Been Up To


The children in Year 5 took part in a science experiment this week. They were challenged to make a pod for an egg and a parachute to help the egg survive from a fall from on top of the playground shelter. The children were learning about the importance of air resistance. They soon discovered that their parachutes did not create enough air resistance as we had lots of smashed and cracked eggs.

Pakistan Afternoon

Year 5 and their families enjoyed Pakistan afternoon - samosa and chapati making, food tasting, mehndi, truck art and rupee maths work.

Science CSI Day - Bradford College. 

The children became forensic scientists for the day they observed, described, compared and predicted who they believed was responsible for the terrible crime of kidnapping the Headteacher's dog. Children worked carefully to piece together clues in order to solve the mystery.

Snow White

Year 5 went to see the pantomime Snow White at the Alhambra theatre. It was wonderful to take the children to the theatre and witness the sheer awe and excitement on their faces.

PCSO Visit

The Police Community Support Officer visited Year 5 to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe online. He talked to the children about age appropriate games and sites and how to ensure that no personal information is given out online.

Road Safety

The Road Safety Team worked with us to develop our understanding about road safety and how to keep ourselves safe on the road. They demonstrated how to cross the road safely and reminded us about keeping ourselves visible especially in the winter time.

Science Live 

We were extremely lucky to have the Royal Institute and Dr Nate put on a spectacular science show. Children and staff were enthralled by the amazing experiments. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


The NSPCC came to visit us in school. They talked to the children about speaking out when things are not ok.

Thackray Visit

Year 5 had a visit from Thackray Museum. They learnt what it was like to be a child in Victorian times and took on the role of Victorian characters and the things they would have done.

Heritage Week 

This week we have taken part in Heritage Week and spent some time learning about our local area. Our focus in Year 5 was Hollingwood Lane. In particular, Prospect House. We were lucky enough to get permission from the owners to visit the house and have a tour. It really helped bring the topic to life and the children really enjoyed it.

Visit to Bradford University

On Tuesday, Year 5 visited the Bradford Literature Festival at Bradford University. The theme of the day was Science. We all had great fun and we were entertained by Sublime Science and a Science rapper. In the afternoon, we listened to a speech from the author Andrea Mills - about one of her more recent books.

Money Week

This week the children took part in Money Week. They have been planning for the 'Fiver' challenge. This involves the year group producing a stall to sell items that have only cost £5 to make. They will be in competition with the rest of the school to see who can make the most profit. They have produced money based board games which they really enjoyed. The children have also learnt about: earning, spending, saving and donating.

Great British Spring Clean.

All children at Hollingwood took part in the clean up. Year 5 cleaned up Underhill Lane and the snicket nearby. We were shocked by how much rubbish there was. We collected lots of bags of rubbish.

World Book Day

On World Book Day the children came in to class to find that their chairs had disappeared. They soon found letters from their chairs explaining why they had resigned from the classroom. The children then had to respond by writing a letter back to the chairs in the hope that they would return. After break, some chairs did return. Others didn't! The children then spent the rest of the morning transforming potatoes into their favourite book characters. Fun was had by all!

Escape Room

A problem solving maths company came into school to visit Year 5. They were challenged in groups to get into a box using mathematical clues to work out combinations to different padlocks. The children had a limited time to solve it and out of 8 groups only one group managed it in 49 minutes and 3 seconds. It was wonderful to see the resilience and team work that Year 5 showed. Well done Year 5!

Visit from the Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade came to visit Year 5.  They talked to the children about fire safety and the importance of having a fire plan for the house in case of an emergency.  They also talked about the importance of wearing a seat belt.

Miss Connection

Miss Connection came into school to talk to Year 5 about the importance of keeping our drains clean. The children were very engaged in the session and remembered lots of the tips they were taught during the session. They certainly remembered that, only rain goes down the drain! The children were given a ten point plan poster to bring home, giving tips on how to keep our drains and rivers clean from pollution.

Home Activities/Website Links

 All children have usernames and passwords for Seesaw and Reading Plus to help them with their education. All communication and homework will be sent through Seesaw. Parents can connect to Seesaw as well.

Children can find extra help on the following websites:

BBC bitesize website is fantastic for every subject.

Age Related Expectations

Examples of Work

Greater depth example of work: 

ARE example of work:


In order to support our children in Year 5 to become confident language users and to assist with their organisation in school, we have introduced some simple but effective strategies within the classroom.

Visual Timetable.

In Year 5 we have introduced our visual timetable to help organise our week. We have set it up as a weekly timetable to prepare us for secondary school. We love checking the timetable so that we are ready each day for the lessons that await us.

Here is our timetable:


We expect children in Year 5 to be reading regularly, both to themselves and to an adult. Children should have a reading book coming home with them each night. These will be accompanied by a reading record that must be signed regularly to show that adults have listened to the child read. This is part of their literacy homework.  The children are taking part in Raving Readers and will be rewarded for the number of times they read to an adult at home.

Guided reading sessions will take place daily in Year 5 literacy lessons.

Reading homework is also set weekly on Reading Plus.

Our current class book is Room 13 by Robert Swindells


Spelling lists will be uploaded onto Seesaw every Friday. On Wednesday and Thursday, a spelling lesson will run for 30 minutes. These lessons will have a variety of different activities for the children to take part in, ranging from word searches to singing their spellings. Each Friday the children will be tested on the spellings for the week. The test will be in the form of a dictation, which encourages children to use these spellings in sentences.

Times tables