Our Vision

At Farnham Primary, we are passionate that all of our children learn to read, firstly through learning the relationship between letters and sounds, whilst at the same time developing a love of literature. We have a highly dedicated team of staff who understand that phonics is the key to unlocking reading, and parental involvement is also a key element of every child’s literary journey.  Phonics does not just apply to reading, but writing too- giving pupils the tools and strategies to become independent learners across the curriculum.

How is phonics taught?

Daily phonics sessions are based on principles and materials from ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ Through the use of Read, Write, Inc, children are taught to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension, as well as being given daily opportunities to practice spelling. This then supports their writing, where children are encouraged to independently use the Read, Write, Inc resources in the classroom such as Speed Charts.

Year 1 Phonics Screening

Phonics Screening Check

Online eBooks

Your child has been a given a username and password which will allow them to access over 50 Read, Write Inc books online. Please use this at home to encourage your child to read with you and practice their phonics skills.

Ebook Presentation

Please watch the videos below to see how you can support your child.

This video will explain the structure of the phonics lesson.

This video will help you support your child when reading together as it demonstrates the correct way to say the sounds.

Set 1 sound mat
Set 2 sound mat
Set 3 sound mat

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